These are the terms & conditions that apply when participating in our professional partnership program. By applying and/or participating in the program you agree with these terms, as well as our Global Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policies.

  • You must be 18 years old or older to participate in any of our programs.
  • To qualify as a Professional Partner, you must own a business, or manage a business, related to LGBT groups, travel blogs or media or another business we accept as a related business. You and your business must be a resident of the United States.
  • Your membership in this program is mutually voluntary. You are allowed to cease the partnership by writing to us at any time. We reserve the right to revoke your membership at anytime.
  • You agree to present all materials and promotions, and behavior in a manner flattering to 78 Adventures and our trips at all times. 
  • You may promote our trips in any way you can, however, we reserve the right to request that any objectionable method be ceased. We do not object to nudity or other “adult” content, however explicit sexual pornography, drugs, illegal activity, gore, or violence are prohibited associations.
  • All accepted “partners” are independent contractors and not employees or other associates of 78 Adventures and are responsible for operating their own business legally and responsibly.
  • Commission payments are mailed on the 1st business day of the month quarterly, and are likely subject to income tax. It is the partner’s responsibility to analyze, disclose and pay any income tax due to the IRS or other tax authority.
  • Traffic Bonuses are calculated based on the unique visitors to your special referral link or scans of your barcode, but not your referral discount code. Your referral discount code is used to calculate your commissions. 
  • Traffic Bonuses are not paid until commissions are due. They are bonuses and are not paid out unless your referrals have resulted in bookings that generate commission payments. 
  • Traffic Bonuses are reset to 0 every quarter. 
  • Your membership includes benefits as part of the AdventureBux™ Program and are governed by that program’s terms & conditions.
  • AdventureBux™ are redeemable for vacations booked only through 78 Adventures. 
  • As part of the program, you will receive periodic email messages with promotional focus and suggestions.
  • We reserve the right to change these terms at any time.

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