Making Payments for your Trip

When you choose to select a payment plan on our website, it is not an “automatic billing” option. You will get an email each month when your payment is due, and an invoice. You’ll need to login to your account here on the website and pay the invoice. However, we do offer automatic billing. There is a 3% fee for each payment made automatically. If you wish to avoid this fee, you can still use the manual monthly payment method. 

How to setup automatic payments:

  1. Pay your deposit for your reservation using our regular payment plan.
  2. If we offer automatic payments on your trip, the website will ask after checkout if you’d like automatic billing.
  3. We will override your manual payment plan on your account and begin charging you automatically.

If you have any questions, contact us at

By setting up monthly payment plans, you agree to the payment plan terms & conditions.

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