Why is 78 Adventures Price Higher than the Cruise Line?

  • Mainly, because this trip is more than the cruise itself. We’re taking you on an adventure that extends 3 days after you get off the ship, and we’re tailoring the experience EXCLUSIVELY FOR OUR GROUP. These extra costs include 3 nights at a hotel, excursion tickets, transportation and more.
  • Also, keep in mind that all cruise lines lure you in with low prices that DO NOT include the taxes, gratuities, port fees and other hidden charges that are required. Our price INCLUDES those fees. No surprises here! If you have to pay it to get on the boat, we’re putting it up front, unlike anyone else.
  • Another note to remember is that, in general, Alaskan cruises are more expensive than other cruises. If you find that the price is too high for you, take advantage of our payment plans!

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