How to Pack for Vacation Like a Pro

Everyone has trouble with packing for travel. Does it stress you out? Do you pack as if you’re never coming home again? Do you get where you’re going and find you didn’t pack enough? Everyone’s got something. Then you’ve gotta worry about whether it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to get your bag on the airplane. Too big? Too heavy? Can you even zip it up?

I’ve tried the bundle packing method, but I’ve found that the rolling method is the best. It creates tight little bundles, conserving space, and helping keep your clothes wrinkle-free so that you don’t look like YOU were packed in a suitcase for your 17 hour flight.

I’m also a fan of using “Packing Cubes” which are a great way to organize and compartmentalize your suitcase! You can even combine the “rolling” method and the “cube” method to be ultra-organized! Take that TSA!

I particularly love the YAMIU 7 Piece Packing Cube set. It includes 2 clear zippered toiletry bags, and a bag for your shoes! At the time of this writing, they are only $19.99 which is a steal!  So roll it up, pack it in and hit the road knowing you packed juuuust right.


Here’s a demonstration of the rolling technique:


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