The 10 Cabins to Avoid on Any Cruise Ship

Cruise Ship

Going on a cruise can be magical. You basically detach from the world for a week or so and hope to come home refreshed and crispy.

But, what is the best cabin to choose on a cruise? Answer: It depends on you.

Experienced cruisers know that even on a floating paradise, there are places on the ship that are good and bad for rest and relaxation. However, what is good or bad is often different for every traveler. For every person who loathes the rumble of the ships engines in the aft (rear) of the ship, there’s someone who finds such noise a lullaby and sleeps like a baby. (That would be me.) Others insist that rooms near the elevators are off limits. Or, that one simply MUST have at least a porthole or they’ll go mad with isolation. On the other hand, some people swear by the absolute darkness of an inside stateroom (no windows). If one wants light, go lay in the sun up on deck seven hundred and whatever.

What the Pro’s say:

Below, check out some of the advice a pro-cruiser has for choosing what stateroom to book. While he insists these are bad rooms, I feel this is more of an educational video to know where to look. While you might agree a room underneath the children’s play area would not be ideal, some of the other places in this video may actually be your thing. (Closer to the lifeboats? Sure!)

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